Roll20 By Night

Crossover Program Episode 2

At Ian’s, inside the paintball range. Contractors have begun construction and repairs. Marceline and Finley arrive, seeing Hiram and Ian.

Marceline and Finley discuss the hard drive containing the security video of her. Finley provides Ian the files on the Hunters that she had received from Lazaro.

Ian and Finley discuss Ian’s attacker.

They then discuss Devin, haunted by his dead family. Finley offers to pay Hiram to get rid of the haunting.

Finley explains that the hard drive has video of other people, mostly ghouls or people falsely believed to be Kindred. Marceline is the only Kindred really targeted.

Hiram claims to have a ghoul inside the Children of God, Pervis, and he and Finley discuss a plan to infiltrate the Hunters.

At that point, Tabitha and Risē show up. Tabitha asks Finley to get information about a list of people. Risē mentions that the people are related to werewolves and everyone freaks out a bit. Tabitha admits that she’s planning on doing …something with a werewolf. Duncan arrives as well.

Hiram and Tabitha have a heated conversation about Ireland and their different pasts.

Marceline and Ian go around front to discuss a vision that Ian claims that he had of her. He shows her a drawing of a vision he had of Papa Legba crawling out of a sunburst. They discuss it and Marceline asks Ian to give her another tattoo, this one on her back.

Finley, Tabitha, Risē, Duncan, and Hiram remain in the back, and the conversation remains heated. Tabitha suggests that Duncan and Finley get it on and Finley becomes enraged with both of them. Finley and Duncan come to blows, with Finley breaking Duncan’s nose. She attacks him and Duncan begs her to stop and, with the help of his Dominate, she does. Eventually Hiram calms them down and convinces them to get into a van and go beat people up.



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