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Camarilla, Session 12

Of Necromancy and Lupines

The Primogen council moved against the Hunters, arranging raids and arrests on the Children of God. The blind priest seems to have escaped attention, however.

Tabitha offers the Embrace to her ghoul, Risē Osaki. Risē accepts.

Content Not Found: marceline-duval has been having vidid dream. Dream about Donald Chen. She thereafter speaks to the Nosferatu whip, who confirms that the Hunters have been working out of a camera shop that coordinates Hunters in Boston.

Content Not Found: marceline-duval speaks to Lazaro, who asks her to intervene with the council to get a list of the Hunters for him through the police contacts.

We are introduced to the new Brujah PC, Caleb, a burnt-out mobster, played by @Amity. He has been around Boston for a few years. Caleb visits the Brujah gym and speaks to senior Brujah — Jessica the Sheriff, Tanner the Primogen. Caleb reaffirms his commitment to the Clan.

Tabitha drops off her newly Embraced Childe, Risē. While there, Risē is approached by another Kindred, who slyly refuses to identify herself. Tabitha suspects she know who it is, however. She then calls her primogen, Noah. They discuss Lupines and Tabitha admits she would like to drink and experiment with Lupine blood. Noah warns her about them. She describes her interest in ancient Gangrel myths of Ennoia and a possible connection between her clan and the Lupines. Noah suggests she visit X, an ancient and cranky Gangrel, named X.

Tabitha reaches out to Marceline and Lazaro for support as she visits this cranky gangrel, X. They in turn reach out to Finn, who puts them in contact with Caleb for backup. Eventually they will plan and prepare before taking this perilous journey through Lupine territory to a wildlife preserve where this cranky Gangrel lives.

Content Not Found: marceline-duval visits Xavier and finds him agitated. Xavier demands that she make an oath. After some thought she does. She has entered into a pact that allows him to teach her rituals and knowledge but limits her ability to access this info outside of his presence. — it is a pact of silence and secrecy. In so doing, she slowly drifts further from her humanity. As a reward for entering into the pact, Xavier gives her a plain ring, one hat allow her to command the spirits in a way she had not been able to do before.

Later in the evening, Tabitha and her new Childe Risē arrive at the Wisteria, where they meet up with Content Not Found: marceline-duval, Lazaro, and Caleb. Risē sings and then speaks to another Malkavian named ‘Nightstalker’.

Tabitha informs her friends of her plan to travel out to a Wildlife Refuge west of Boston, in Lupine country. Content Not Found: marceline-duval plans to travel Astrally while they travel bodily. As they travel out, she follows astrally and sees two lupines tracking the vampires in the Umbra. They raise a horn to their lips and blow, which causes a terrifying howl across the forest. Risē frenzies and runs. Caleb manages to subdue her, but the wolves approach, closer. Just when it is about to get ugly, a huge man emerges with a silvered machete and the wolf spirits recoil. Tabitha steps forward to speak to him, and manages to get him to talk. He tells some of the history of the Gangrel and speaks of the Garou, their powers, and their kinfolk.

Lazaro visits Sarah Patil, his primogen. He proposes a way to use his ghoul to generate a steady blood supply. They will think they are donating blood for charity when in fact it is for us.

Content Not Found: marceline-duval speaks to the spirits, looking for the spirit of Donald Chen, the Tremere who committed suicide. Eventually he finds a spirit who tells her that he is lost near the Tempest. She considers whether to compel his spirit to visit her.

Tabitha speaks to her primogen about her visit to X. She tells the story and Noah is enraptured to hear about the Garou. They discuss her plan to pursue more info about the Garou and their kinfolk.

Caleb heads back to the gym. He speaks to his primogen Tanner claims the claw marks on his chest was from a fight with a Lupine (successfully tricking him). He claims he wants to learn Protean from Tabitha, who owes him, and he will pass it along to his clan. Tanner suggests they might go fight some Sabbat soon.


Great- job, thanks Eugene!!!!

Camarilla, Session 12

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