Roll20 By Night

Anarch Episode 15

Scurry Before the Storm

Rosalie stopped by to visit Cat and Macy. Macy seemed weirded out by Rosalie. Macy and Cat got ready to take a road trip to Salem. Rosalie gave Cat a knife, an appropriate weapon for her.

Hiram got ready to move in to his new apartment. He went to visit Ian to pitch his idea of starting a loan shark concern.

Ian went to meet Andrea Parker, appealing to her desire for great journalism to write a story about Black Betty’s impending move to Boston. She represents a great sum of knowledge for fighting the Sabbat in a defensive war, and is a veritable folk hero.’

Athaleyah, in staking out Marder’s domain, realizes she is being watched. Blending into the shadows, she scaled a building, coming upon a locked door. Hearing sounds on the other side, she entered the room to find an odd bullet, unlike any she had seen before. Then, a door slam upstairs… Athaleyah went to investigate, and finding nothing of note, returned to the scene to further investigate…

Duncan debuted his exhibit featuring Finley dressed as him at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Involved in an altercation, Winchester Grant flees the scene. Duncan’s sire Elizabeth Montenegra suggests he uses the opportunity to take over the museum’s directorship.

Cat and Macy arrived at Salem, and after treating Macy to a lobster roll, went to take in the occult scene. They came across an odd placcard of the gem Duncan had showed Cat. After asking the shopkeep, they were introduced to an ancient tome, locked with an antique wooden-appearing lock. Cat and Macy stole the book while the shopkeeper was arguing with her cat Harvey about the price. Later, Cat and Macy tried to open the book, calling upon the services of a local locksmith, who was unable to do anything for them except encourage them that locks were souls and you get them to open by talking to them with the proper microphone (key). Thus resigned, Cat and Macy went back to their hotel room to “talk” the book into opening.

Finley went to visit Noah Harte, and discussed the upcoming Summit. Noah seemed tired with politics and indicated to his confidante that some had called for a new Gangrel Primogen. Noah speculated that the most powerful Gangrel in the city would naturally accede the post. Finley questioned if this could possibly be Marder, and Harte retired to take in the night air and contemplate events.

Ian went to meet with Eddie Money at the Golden Apple, asking to meet with Clarice. Eddie offered to set up a meeting after Ian helped Eddie locate some of his people being held at Longwood Towers…

Finley brought Ian to meet Dexter Ambrose. Finley invited Ambrose to meet Marder, and declare for him with Ambrose’s Idealist faction. Ian, Finley, and Ambrose discussed the implications of a Justicar coming to town.



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