Roll20 By Night

Anarch Episode 14

And the Stains Coming From My Blood Tell Me...

Ian, Finley, Duncan, Tabitha, and Hiram went to Dorchester in a van, which caught a fuel line leak, and fought a few members of the Harbor Point Bloods. Duncan raised his pistol to the air and stopped the tussle with a deafening shot.

After learning of Jimmy “Red” Cranston’s gang, the Winter Hill Gang, which held sway over the local gangs, Hiram decided to torch the broken-down van, and Finley called an Uber.

Athaleyah headed to speak to the Prince, informing him of the Monitor and his sleeping lover, the methuselah, kept under guard at Ian Hale’s (recently consumed by an unknown assailant). The Prince was suspicious, but accepted Athaleyah’s status report. He then informed her of Marder’s intention to meet with him, bringing Black Betty and her kindred to present themselves to him and bring Camarilla stragglers from Philadelphia into the fold.

Athaleyah then invited Tabitha and Finley to a meeting.

Val went to the hotel her herd stayed at and smoothed over Kerry, the manager at Val’s herd’s dirt bag hotel. Val assured him that should there be any issues, Kerry should call Val.

Val and Ian head out to Longwood Towers to check out and see if some of Val’s captive herd were okay. Reconnoitering the area, they found the ground level chained and barred from entry. Deciding to head back, Ian got a text from Chambers that Marder wanted to see him.

Devin was at home playing Last of Us, when he recalled that his family’s assaulters left a phone for him. Calling him, a man tortures Devin’s sister on the other line. Realizing his family is alive, he texts Finley, asking for a meetup.

Meanwhile, Tabitha meets with Athaleyah at her home. Athaleyah offers Tabitha the position of Prince’s guard for the upcoming meeting between Marder, Black Betty, and Prince Croft. Tabitha accepts.

Back at the uber, Duncan, Finley, and Hiram were headed out. Hiram stopped off and purchased a rubber hose, funnel, and bottle of drano.

Duncan told by Elizabeth Montenegra that the Prince needs entertainment for the meeting between Marder, Black Betty, and the Prince

Duncan, Hiram, Finley, Athaleyah, Tabitha, Devin, met at the Wisteria at the invitation of Athaleyah. Devin gives the phone to Finley. Duncan and Hiram share a few private words.

Athaleyah invited Tabitha and Finley to act as her honor guard in approaching Marder on behalf of the Prince to accept the request for a meeting. Athaleyah informs Finley of her plan to provide Finley with power. When Athaleyah has her way, she will sweep those who are undeserving aside.

Ian and Val go to meet Marder. Marder tells Ian of Bass Thompson’s pettiness, and asks Ian to handle security for the meeting between Marder and the Prince.

Athaleyah, Finley, and Tabitha went to meet Marder, being ushered in to the meeting with Ian, Val, and Marder. Finley acquitted herself well.



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