Roll20 By Night

Anarch Episode 13

Events of 11/6/2016 - 11/12/2016

Painted in Flames, All Peeling Thunder

Hiram headed to Pervis Montgomery’s place, and put his foot down. It was time for Pervis to finally clean up his apartment. Heading out to get supplies and beer, Hiram returned to help Pervis complete the task over the next several nights.

Duncan Dreamer went to meet his sire, Elizabeth Montenegra to get her on board with helping him advance his acquisition of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. His warning of an ancient evil dogging his (and her) steps fell on deaf ears.

Cat, recognizing her own precarious and unsafe situation (experiencing omens, and being spied upon ever since coming to Boston, culminating with the recent break-in) spent time with Mark “Bull Goose” Chambers, Josef “The Old Man” Marder’s second in command, overhearing a conversation between the Reeve, Sebastian “Bass” Thompson and the sweeper, Rosalie Webber concerning the latter’s recent fling with a human of supernatural capability. Cat discussed her safety, showcasing her knew pistol, and expressing her plans to avail herself of a machete. Mark Chambers encouraged Cat to ask Rosalie about a proper weapon for herself.

Cat went home to check on Macy, who has been having some problems finding spiritual peace since becoming a ghoul. Assuring Cat she was not becoming addicted to vampiric vitae, Cat assented to Macy’s desire for more blood.

Meanwhile, at their shared domain, Ian and Val began to put their home in order. Ian texted his friends Duncan Dreamer and Hiram, inviting them over, and then set to work. Suspecting an agent of the Prince was his mysterious assailant of Crossover Episode 1, he investigated likely candidates while Valeria Bauer took training from Joe on how to properly shoot a gun. Cat arrived and joined Val in training.

Sharing his opinion that the assailant was a Camarilla operative, Ian greets Hiram. Hiram is not convinced. “The Camarilla sends kids, not assassins.” Ian discusses his plan to bring Black Betty and Lillith’s Get into Boston.

At Ian’s invitation, Marceline Duval swings by. She has been looking into Val’s missing herd. After meditation, she uncovered the name of Stinky Pete’s location: Longwood Towers.

Duncan showed Cat a gem obtained by Beatrice Henrietta Clarke from the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum with his help. It reminded her of an omen she saw earlier, but was unable to ascertain its nature.

Heading out to the Bee’s Knees to meet with her drug dealer, Slumdog PIllionaire and her old boss, the strip-club owner, Winchell Chang. Val used her powers of persuasion to convince the two to enter a business arrangement for Chang’s girls at the Bee’s Knees to sell “drugs.”

The climax of the evening, Ian attended the war council called by Josef Marder to address the attempt on Ian’s life. Those gathered are split in their assessment. Some believe that another Sabbat assassin, like the one that diablerized the previous Sheriff, Hector McMillan was behind the assault. Others claimed a Camarilla operative working for Prince Alexander Croft. Sebastian “Bass” Thompson suggested closing down their borders and evicting the Camarilla kindred from their territory. Mark Chambers, however pointed out that this would force the Anarchs to fight the Sabbat themselves. Regardless of the situation, they couldn’t fight a two-front war. As Marder asked for thoughts from those gathered, Ian Hale spoke up, informing his kindred that he had already passed on Marder’s invitation to Black Betty, urging her to move her base of operations to Boston. Comprised of Camarilla survivors and stragglers from the Crusade of Philadelphia, as well as the local Anarchs and Non-Aligned, this measure promises to increase the staying power of the Boston Anarchs by a large degree. In return, Marder promised Black Betty retribution and aid to retake Philadelphia once the situation in Boston is handled. Hale continued, explaining that he had also brought the Philadelphia Chapter of the Lilith’s Get under his sway. And even as they discussed plans for the future, the gun-runners were already on their way to Boston and Anarch territory…



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